Summer Activities

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Emily Ramos

Here are some places to visit and things to do this summer.

1. Go to an Amusement Park

You can go to Knotts, Disneyland, Six flags, universal Studios, and other parks with friends or family.

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2. Have a Picnic

Go to your nearest park or sit outside on the grass by yourself or with a friend. Bring a basket filled with food/snacks that you like and a good book to read as you enjoy the weather. You could also bring a board game or do other activities with someone.

3. Take a Road Trip

Taking a road trip with family can be a good way to explore and find new places. You can make a list of things that you want to do along the way or what places to visit.

4. Start a Garden

Gardening can be fun for many people and you do not need as much space as you think. Even if you just have a few pots it is still exciting to try new things and watch your seedlings grow.

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5. Go to the Beach

Take a trip to the beach with friends and family. Walk around in the sand, look for shells, and build sand castles.

6. Water Balloon Fight

When the weather gets a bit too hot and you are bored, have a water balloon fight. Fill up a bunch of balloons with water and throw them at all of your friends.

7. Pick up a New Book

Sometimes we just want to be inside where it is cold but don’t know what to do. Reading a book can be fun as you enter a new world.

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8. Watch the Sunset

Watching the sunset can be a way to calm yourself after a long day.

9.  Make Ice Cream

Make ice cream with your family and experiment with different flavors.

10. Go Bowling

Go bowling with friends and challenge yourself to see who is better.