What could you do during spring break?

What could you do during spring break?

Spring break is soon approaching during the 25th-29th of March and is a week long. What could you do during that time? Here are some ideas to keep you occupied during the break!

1. Traveling

Traveling is popular on its own anywhere when you’re on vacation. During spring break, you can always travel to a nearby city or country. For example, Mexico is a popular place and is next to the USA, you can go and come back in time for school to start again. It’s popular for it’s food, culture, and music.

Traveling doesn’t always include far away places, it can simply be a trip to the spa, a museum, or even a road trip!

2. Shopping, stores, etc

The mall is one of the only places here that Montclair has to offer, whether it’s Ontario Mills or the Plaza. Maybe you’ve gone to the mall on multiple occasions in the past, but since spring break is coming up it means you can spend more time there. With family or friends, why not buy new stuff for the next week of school after spring break?

Shopping can also include buying stuff like books, makeup, or just taking the time to restock the necessities that you need. Shopping can heal yourself in a way that even though you have to spend a lot of money, you’ll be happy with the stuff you get and its perfect whether it’s spring break or not.

3. Recovery Back to School

Once spring break is over, we’ll have testing in April and in a few months summer will begin. You can use the one week break to focus more on recovering back to school so you can do your best before the fourth quarter ends.  This doesn’t mean you have to stay home all day in your bed, but it can also mean having a balance of fun and relaxation. You can make sure you’re all caught up on school assignments and ready for the bumpy road to summer!

Recovery is important to make sure you’re not stressed when you’re back, so that you can focus and make it to the summer.


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