Top 5 College Athletes That Have Received The Most NIL Money:

Courtesy of Nordat
Courtesy of Nordat

Some college students go into college owing money while others are paid while being in college.

College athletes throughout the entire United States started receiving money in 2021.

There are plenty of college athletes who are receiving money from brand partnerships, endorsements, as well as sponsorships. These athletes are being paid great money right before they enter the pro leagues.

However, the money these college athletes receive can’t be directly from the colleges they attend because that is prohibited. Today you’ll learn about the top 5 athletes that have received the most NIL money going from most made to the least made in the list.

Bronny James, Basketball

For instance, Bronny James, a basketball player from USC son of future hall of famer Lebron James, has made an estimated amount of 6.1 million dollars which came from NIL money and he only has one year of being a college athlete. Bronny is likely to enter the NBA draft in the next 2 to 3 years which will result in him making more money.

Shedeur Sanders, Football

Then we have Shedeur Sanders a football player who attends Colorado, son of hall of famer Deion Sanders, who has made around 4.1 million dollars. Sheduer is projected to enter the NFL draft in the year of 2025 where he is likely to make more money than he is currently making right now.

Livvy Dunne, Gymnastics

Up next on the list, we have Livvy Dunne, a gymnast at LSU who has made about 3.2 million dollars so far. Her next stop is likely to be in the Olympics where she is likely to make more money.

Arch Manning, Football

Next, we have Arch Manning quarterback at Texas, the son of former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, and the nephew of former Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, who has made around 2.9 million dollars. He is projected to be in the NFL Draft in the year of 2026 where is likely going to make more money than he has made right now.

Caleb Williams, Football

Last on this list we have Caleb Williams, a quarterback who attended USC which has made around 2.6 million dollars. He enter this year’s 2024 NFL draft and is likely to be picked first in the draft due to many teams being in search of a long-term quarterback for their team. He is also projected to get a big payday since the players who are drafted around the top 5 are always paid the most money.

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