End of Semester Nerves

    End of Semester Nerves

    As the end of the semester approaches, students of all levels may experience a sense of being overwhelmed. This is especially true for freshmen who are still adjusting to the high school experience. With final exams, projects, and papers due, it can be difficult to manage time effectively and stay on top of everything. Additionally, freshmen may feel pressured to make new friends, join clubs, and find their place in the school community. All of these factors can contribute to a feeling of stress and anxiety as the semester draws to a close.

    Let’s hear from some freshmen about how their year has been going so far.

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    “So far, my first year in high school was not what I expected. The people around me are quite different from those I encountered in middle school. Despite the challenges, it’s been very fun for the most part. My favorite class is English! I like my teacher Ms. Pashby. She has played a significant role in her academic progress this semester. Ms. Pashby has been there to support and check up on me whenever I needed it. I also enjoy being in class with everyone since I gets along well with all of them. I’ve joined two sports teams: the freshman volleyball and softball teams. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to excel in both sports, and I am thrilled to take on this challenge. I can’t wait to see myself grow and achieve great things in both teams! “I feel like this semester went by very fast.” I’ve been concerned about my recent academic performance. I believe that I haven’t been putting in enough effort, and as a result, My grades have been declining.

    — Audrey Alvarado

    Audrey’s situation is one that many students face during their high school experience, especially when they are juggling multiple responsibilities such as extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, and social commitments. However, Audrey is determined to turn things around and improve her grades by seeking support from her teachers, developing better study habits, and staying focused on her academic goals.

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    My freshman years been pretty cool! I’ve successfully made it to the quarter-finals in football, and I am super ready for the next three years of high school. My favorite class so far is French three. that class is super easy, so I have a lot of free time during that particular period.

    — Moses Tehe

    How have you guys been adjusting to the new school year? let me know in the comments below!

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