The Negative Impact a Celebrity Has On The NFL

    The Negative Impact a Celebrity Has On The NFL

     When people in the NFL start dating any celebrity in the industry, it causes a lot of headlines in the media. That celebrity becomes the spotlight of the game they are attending. For example, star player Travis Kelce of the Kansas Chiefs started dating Taylor Swift. She has attended several games recently, and she has gotten way too much attention from the media. It’s been said by many players and reporters that this situation has gone too far. 

    There shouldn’t be any reason why a celebrity who has nothing to do with the NFL get so much recognition from the media simply because they are attending a game. All of these players have worked hard their entire lives to get to this league. They’ve dedicated hours upon hours, years upon years, and have faced other hardships in the name of their dream, yet are deprived of the spotlight. These players grew up with the dream of not just playing in the NFL but also being recognized while playing. For example, there have been moments where a player scores a touchdown and instead of them getting any recognition, the spotlight goes to the celebrity in attendance. A celebrity should get some of the spotlight for them attending a game but it shouldn’t be something that consistently is being brought up and shown. If roles were reversed there would be much speculation over it. It also wouldn’t be fair for a celebrity to receive less recognition in their field than someone who has nothing to do with that field. The only positive impact that a celebrity has is that they bring in an audience with them that will most likely increase the popularity of the NFL.


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