Montclair Cavaliers Revitalize School Spirit with Launch of Calvary Club

    Club President Christopher Castro Shares Vision to Ignite Enthusiasm Among Students
    Club president Castro
    Club president Castro

    In response to the growing concerns among Montclair Cavaliers regarding the perceived lack of school spirit, a solution has emerged: the newly established Calvary Club. President Christopher Castro recently shared insights into the club’s mission, strategies, and preparations for an eagerly awaited football clash against spirited rivals, Ontario High School.

    Reigniting school spirit is the central aim of the Calvary Club. President Castro emphasizes the club’s mission, stating, “Club Calvary’s goal is to entertain crowds and cultivate a more enthusiastic school environment throughout Montclair and make lasting connections along the way. This is the only high school experience we have, and we want to make the most of it¨

    In order to enhance the spirited atmosphere during sporting events, the Calvary Club has teamed up with the school’s cheerleading team. They have been actively emulating the cheerleaders’ high-energy routines to infuse even more spirit into the stands, uniting students in a shared sense of pride. Building on inspiration from past spirit groups, most notably the Cav Crazies, President Castro expressed the club’s aspiration to follow in their footsteps. ¨We want to be like them and improve on their amazing ways of the past, we hope to also restore that sense of Montclair pride to the school.¨ 

    Club members are enthusiastic about their participation and the impact it has here at Montclair. When asked about their favorite part of the club, many said it was the opportunity to cheer and enhance school spirit.

    But as Montclair High School prepares for our highly anticipated football showdown against our rival Ontario High School. The Calvary Club is also gearing up for an impressive first display of school spirit. President Castro confidently stated, “We plan to show up, show out, and shut them down,” asserting the club’s determination to not only secure victory on the field but also demonstrate that Montclair’s school spirit surpasses that of their rivals.

    The Calvary Club will reserve a section in the stands for non-members who wish to join in the cheers and support for the Cavaliers. This open invitation shows the club’s commitment to fostering unity and collective enthusiasm among all students.

    The Calvary Club’s emergence represents a promising step toward rekindling school spirit at Montclair High School. With their dedication to inspiring enthusiasm, fostering connections, and emulating the spirit of their predecessors, the club should revitalize the Montclair Cavaliers’ school spirit and instill a lasting sense of pride within the school community.

    Be sure to look out for them at the left of the stadium this week at the rivalry game or follow them on Instagram @thecavalrymhs 

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