Do we still embrace the Christmas Spirit?

Do we still embrace the Christmas Spirit?

 Some cite enthusiasm,  festive decorations, and acts of kindness celebrating as a community that the Christmas spirit is alive and well. Others, shared a different view, acknowledging the challenges of the past year and the impact it has had.

Whether people still embrace the Christmas spirit does not matter, rather, it invites us to appreciate all of the perspectives that form from our experiences. As we continue through the holiday season, perhaps the true Christmas spirit lies in our ability to connect, empathize, and find joy in the shared moments that define this festive time of year.

The Christmas Spirit is all about giving not getting, being more kind to others, and period of happiness during the holiday. After all the saying is that the “holiday season is about giving back”.  Some ways you can give back to the community if you’re able, is by donating toys, donating clothes, a canned food drive, or donating your time.

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