Best Holiday Cookie Recipes

Best Holiday Cookie Recipes

The Christmas holiday isn’t complete without baking or having tasty cookies for both yourself and Santa! Whether they’re crisp or soft, with or without icing, they’re still delicious! Here are a few of my favorite holiday cookie recipes!

Velvet Gooey Bars  – Red is one of the main Christmas colors, which is why this velvet and cream cheese snack is so festive.

Hot Chocolate Cookies – Nothing can be wrong with normal hot chocolate, but what about hot chocolate cookies? A sweet hot drink for the winter but, re-emagined in soft cookies.

Triple-Chocolate Peppermint Cookies – It’s not only one or double the chocolate, but triple! Combined with the flakes of broken down peppermint that pop, giving the cookie its minty Christmas flavor.

Christmas Pinwheel Cookies – Not only does it swirl with the Christmas colors of white and red, it’s sprinkles on the edges make it pop out even more!

These are some of my favorite Holiday Cookie Recipes, but what do our Montclair High School CAVS think?

“One time I made peppermint cookies, they were terrible”

— Jonathan Aguilar

I think that Gingerbread Men are the best holiday cookies because I absolutely love the taste of them.”

— Dylan Garcia

I like Peppermint Sugar Cookies for Christmas because the flavor of it is such a good combination. Sugar and peppermint is the best way to go during Christmas.”

— Cloe Ocampo

“A Gingerbread House because it’s fun building the house and then eating it.”

— Jazline Martinez

“I like Christmas Sugar Cookies because of the festive decorations that I can add on to the sweet regular sugar cookies.”

— Alexandria Medrano Munroz

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