The Danger of Sitting

The Danger of Sitting

It’s important to recognize that sitting for long periods can negatively affect our health. Still, while we may be aware of that already, it’s worth noting that there are other harmful effects that we may not be aware of; such as deep vein thrombosis. 

Studies show that sitting for long periods can weaken your legs, making it hard for you to walk and stabilize yourself. It can also cause hip joint problems and can damage your neck and back due to you hunching over your computer working. Other studies found that sitting for long periods can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke by 147% and diabetes by 112%. Another study made a shocking discovery that you can increase the chances of getting cancer such as lung, uterine, and colon cancer from just sitting for long periods; the reason is still unknown

According to researchers, individuals with mental health issues tend to spend more time sitting or lying down compared to individuals without such problems. This is due to the person struggling with depression and anxiety.

So how can you avoid this? Easy; get active by finding something exciting such as going out with your friends, strolling through the park, or doing some workout to increase your heart rate. By doing so you will decrease the chances of any harmful effects and set yourself on a path to better health.

So transform your lifestyle, Montclair Cailvers, ditch your old sedentary life, and start prioritizing your health! By prioritizing your health and engaging in physical activity, you will be grateful to your body, mind, and future self

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