9th Grade Volleyball Players Interview

9th Grade Volleyball Players Interview

This year there are a lot of amazing freshman volleyball players here at Montclair.

Amaya Rodriguez is one 9th grader on the JV Volleyball team. “I look forward to playing and getting to know my team,”Amaya shared.  She said that the most important thing she has learned about volleyball is to “stay focused at all times and always be ready for anything.” She is a dedicated player, stating  ¨To not let anyone bring you down or take away your love for the sport.”

Sophia Banda is another current 9th grader on the Freshman Volleyball team. She is ¨excited for new experiences and the opportunity to meet new people. The most fun part is I can talk to my teammates and feel comfortable around them, its like a safe community. It’s really fun,” Sophia shared. “I’m most excited about playing more games.”

 Sophia cited her sister as her biggest volleyball inspiration. “What inspired me to play volleyball was my sister. She also played and seeing her play made me want to play. I always wanted to play this sport and I knew I wanted to continue it because I’m genuinely having fun,”

Sophia loves her position, saying she finds it challenging and fun at the same time. She says the most important skill for volleyball is a good attitude “Always communicate and cheer for your team. Don’t think negative always think positive.” 

Sophia’s advice to someone just starting out would be: “Always take advice from people and don’t miss practice. Go for all the balls like even if you have to throw yourself for it. Never let the ball drop.” ” She also shared that,”it’s super fun and everyone is so nice.”

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