What happened to the bathroom mirrors?

What happened to the bathroom mirrors?

Last year at Montclair High School,  there were mirrors in the restrooms, this year Mr. Rico came to the conclusion to remove the mirrors because he found students vandalizing bathroom equipment such as soap dispensers, etc. This leaves many students asking when the mirrors will be back.

Mr. Rico stated that “bathroom mirrors will be back when students use the bathrooms correctly”

Campus Officer Gomez Stated she “would catch students ditching class in the restroom, smoking and doing their makeup in front of the mirrors.”

Mr.Rico stated, “theirs a possibility bathroom mirrors will return if students’ behavior changes and stop vandalizing the bathrooms.”

Freshman student, Anneliz Olmos´s response to the situation was

”It’s horrible, because girls won’t be able to do their makeup and look at themselves. I believe bathroom mirrors won’t come back because there are still  Students doing drugs in the bathrooms, removing bathroom mirrors wasn’t even necessary because students are still going to do drugs,  their makeup, and vandalize the bathroom regardless of no mirrors.”

— Anneliz Olmos




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