Spotlight on Mr. Geenen!

Spotlight on Mr. Geenen!

We’ve interviewed everyone’s beloved World History teacher Mr. Geenen. Well known across campus as a kind, caring teacher. He cares about each of his students and wants them to try their very best in his class. Fellow MOHI students who’ve had Mr. Geenen as their history teacher loved his class, it was never boring nor seemed to feel forced. Mr. Geenen is the type of teacher to go above and beyond for his students and makes sure they know the curriculum very well all while giving them the support they need.

Let’s get to know Mr. Geenen more in depth.

Mr. GeenenĀ“s favorite thing about MOHI is the academic subject culture. “I love seeing students working hard before school and after school and going to tutoring as well as Saturday school. But especially in class, I feel like that’s one thing that made me fall in love with Montclair High School and how focused students are academically.”

His best teacher buddy “is probably going to have to be Ms. Pineda because we work really closely together all the time. We both teach AP World History and we try to split up the work and we save each other when both of us run into little problems, we always help each other out and feel like we can really trust each other. On top of that she is a cool person.”

Outside of being an amazing teacher, he loves soccer as well “it’s a big part of my life. I still play soccer. I play in a men’s league, I’m kind of the manager of my men’s team. We played over 30 indoor soccer games at Si-Fi. It’s a passion of mine, I couched for 14 years from 12 year old kids all the way to when they are 18 and graduating. It’s really cool to see the young kids turn into men and be a part of their lives. I also coach men’s and women’s college soccer. And today I coach my son Billy. It’s the hardest coaching job I’ve ever had to do.”

When asked why he persued teaching, he replied. “I’ll let you in on a little secret. Sophomore year of college I had to think of my major because I hadn’t stated my major yet. I was like I’m going to do History, I’ve always loved it since 7th grade. I got a job as a graduate assistant men’s soccer coach, and they paid for my graduate school by working for the school. So with that I really liked coaching and I was like I want to be a teacher. Then after I made that choice to go into the teacher credential program. Weeks after, my mom found all my years books from elementary, middle, and high school. I then saw my 6th grade yearbook, under my picture it said “what do you want to be when you grow up” and it said “teacher.” I completely forgot about it.” With that being said it would have to be some kind of service and how to be able to help people.”

And the most important question asked; “Marvel or DC?” his response “Marvel. Well my favorite is X-Men. I grew up with it. X-Men was like the marvel of today back then when I was growing up.”

We MOHI students love and appreciate everything Mr. Geenen has done for us at Montclair High School. He’s such an amazing teacher and we thank him for doing everything possible to help his students excel in their learning.


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