PSAT At MOHI New 2023 Adjustments

PSAT At MOHI New 2023 Adjustments

On October 26th, MHS sophomores can take the PSATs to get a glimpse of what it’ll be like to take an actual SAT during their junior/senior year. Juniors can also decide to take this practice exam, for only $18. The PSAT is a great way to see how far you have come and see what your academic strengths and weaknesses are. As well as what you can do to improve those weaknesses.

This is beneficial for students to get some practice and see the process of taking an SAT exam. The SAT is a very stressful test that may determine what colleges you’re eligible to get accepted to. With the results from this test, there are many possibilities for different universities after high school. 

After the 2021-22 school year, the College Board has decided to change a few things for the students.

Mrs. Arbizu, an AVID and World History teacher here at MOHI states, “The PSATs will be digital this year, the College Board has concluded to continue these exams online both practice and state .”

This is a new adjustment for not just students but also teachers.

Mr. Mangione, head of the Discipline gives us his newly implemented information, “MHS Students will be divided out across multiple classrooms, the gym, and the library. Teachers with mixed classes will be informed days prior as to where some students will be placed for this exam.”

With this new concept, it may take some getting used to for both teachers and students. This could be a good change compared to the original way of doing this practice exam on paper. New concepts allow us to get feedback to let us know what other things need to change as the years go by.

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