Valentine gift ideas

Best gift ideas for your significant other.
Valentine gift ideas

Valentine’s Day is on the way. On Valentine’s Day we love to give to our loved ones, and I want to give ideas on gifts ideas I think your partner would appreciate.

The Classic basket:

You can get these items at your local 7/11 and get decorations at Walmart, Target, or Dollar General.

Ferrero Rocher chocolate heart-shaped with roses:

You can make this by buying a heart-shaped Ferrero Rocher box and adding flowers on the sides by taping them.


You can get these from students around Montclair high school or your nearby flower shop.

Chocolate covered strawberries:

You can get these at Edible Arrangement or Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Stuffed animals:

You can get these at build-a-bear or your local flower shop.

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