Gen 3 Monster High Review

Gen 3 Monster High Review

The show Monster High has been around since 2010. For a long time it has been a pretty popular show and many people have grown to love the characters portrayed throughout the show.

The overall story is about various monsters and ghouls attending high school. Portraying the different relationships, and seeing the different lives of the unique students at Monster High.

Recently, a new version of this show came out with a few significant changes. Not only are the characters different but the animation is different as well. When comparing this new Gen 3 version to the original Gen 2 and Gen 1 versions, there are a lot of differences in the character’s clothing and appearance overall.

I grew up with Monster High dolls and watched the movies several times. There are many changes to the new show that I dislike. Such as the way they changed up the character’s style. I do see that the producers tried to keep the same color scheme, but in the newly released version, there is a dramatic change from their clothing to their choice of shoes.

“I’m disappointed with how the new TV show came out. As a lover of Monster High when I was little it was very crushing to see my favorite characters get depicted in such a way that is not true to its original description.”

— Emily, Junior at MHS

Of course, with our newer technology as the years went on the animation began to change which led to the characters looking pretty different compared to the earlier generations of this show. For me, this changes a lot about the show because of the huge difference from the version I grew up with.

Although this version is very different to me and many others who grew up watching Monster High, it’s a good thing to see producers creating and publishing more related works to this 2010 series. With great adjustments, it shows the amount of improvement put into the creation and production of the work.


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