Finishing 2nd Semester Strong


Elisa Mancera, Contributor

Welcome back students! And welcome to online learning to students back at home! We know that after our break many people returned back to school and others stayed home due to covid. To be sure you and others don’t get sick, wear masks at all times to any public places where you know it will be crowded, cover up your nose when you sneeze and your mouth when you cough, avoid staying close to others if you have covid. And make sure you wash your hands before touching your face. We’d like for all students to get the chance to come to school and be present in class to  finish the school year. 

We started off with a new year and we are now in the second semester of school. As you may know we have 5 months until the school year ends and you want to make sure your grades are looking good before school ends. Last semester could have been worse for some of you, but for now we are focusing on finishing those assignments, tests, and projects on time! I can help you with some tips that can make you stay on your grind for this semester.


Think positive to stay focused

Positive thinking can help with focusing and getting tasks that need to be done and learning new information. On occasion, when you catch up on learning better writing skills with a positive mindset. To maintain a positive mindset you can manage your stress, learn from your mistakes and be open to new ideas and approaches.

Stay resilient 

To stay resilient is the empathy for you to adapt when you encounter challenges. It’s important to have knowledge and have challenges that are difficult in order to find a way to overcome it. To improve your resilience you can develop your problem solving- skills and find a sense of purpose in life to establish positive beliefs in your ability. 

Make time to read

Reading can help you influence your reading skills and develop your critical thinking skills. Reading helps you think and process information in ways you may not experience but will help you throughout your lifetime. To help you make time for reading you can read first thing in the morning or before bed, set reminders for reading, always keep a magazine, book, or any material you find interesting to keep in your bag. 

Manage your time 

 To achieve your success, you should carefully manage your time. This can help you to prioritize tasks so you are able to complete work and assignments on time. For example avoid distraction and build yourself a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule to work on projects or tasks early and finish on time. 

Find time to relax 

A few ways you can get relaxation is you can get quality rest, practice the 50/10 ( 50 minutes of work followed by a 10-min break) and schedule time for your hobbies and interests. Finding time to relax can help you stay focused and motivated.

Build a strong network

Building and looking after long term relationships with the people  you meet, when you invest your time in building relationships you create a network you can rely on throughout your career. Networking lets you grow and improve your skill set. For example, have empathy, take advice and tips, learn to trust more, give and take constructive feedback.