Disney Club 33

Diana Aguilar, Staff Writer

The photo was taken by Ms. Turnbull.
Club 33 Door (The photos was taken by Ms.Turnbull.)

Disneyland is known as the most happy and magical place in the world, but it is also the home of one of the most top secret club locations. This top secret club at Disney is known as Club 33. How is this club top secret? You might wonder, well not many know where it is located even though so many Disney fans have heard about it. But only the members of the club know where it lies.

What is club 33 and how did it come to be? Club 33 is an exclusive VIP dining club that was founded by Walt Disney. He came up with the idea of the club after attending the New York World’s fair in 1964. Walt wanted to create something similar at Disneyland but for the elite. Like sponsors ,celebrities and the rich enjoy the entertainment that the club offers to its members. Walt never got to see the finish club because he died six months before it was opened.

How to get in the club? If you are thinking of becoming a member of club 33 there is a waiting list to join the club. The waiting list can take up to four or more years. Not only that the annual dues are $10,000 and the initiation charge is $30,000. But you can still go even though you are not a member by getting invited by someone who is a member of the club.

What does the club have to offer? If you think that membership is too expensive , well it is but for the experience it’s totally worth it. In the club you can see special antiques and paintings. Not only that but they have a jazz bar called Le Salon Nouveau , where they sell drinks and snacks. They also have a fancy restaurant called The Grand Salon where members can dine and the meals are delicious  according to the people who have dined there.

Do you think that people will ever find Disney club 33 secret locations?  Also would you like to become a member one day or is it not worth it?