How to Prepare for Finals

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Valerie Castellanos, Writer

With finals coming just around the corner, stress levels among kids are quickly rising. It is important for us to remember how to prioritize and fully prepare ourselves. Here is a list of things you should do before finals.

1) Organize

Figure out what you wish to accomplish with each final. Divide your classes from most concerned to least concerned. The top of the list is what you should be focused on the most. From there, you can properly study in peace instead of chaos. Also find a time in which you think you can study the best. Whether it is the morning, night, or afternoon, make time for your studies. 

2) Ask For Help

Do not be afraid or nervous to ask a teacher or friend for help if you don’t fully understand a subject. There’s a chance that if you don’t understand something then one of your classmates might not either. So, raising your hand and asking a question will also help those around you as much as yourself.

3) Get Rested

Don’t stay up late studying! Good sleep will help you so much with staying focused on your test. And that morning of the final, make sure you eat a nutritious breakfast. Sleep, food, and water are big factors to having a successful final.

4) Take Breaks

Don’t overwork yourself. Save up that energy for when you really need it, if not, finals are going to be even more of a pain than they already are. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember that your mental health always comes first. Before finals, you should make time for yourself by doing something you love. Whether that be going out with friends or staying home and binge-watching your favorite show. Good luck with your finals and remember to always try your best!