Montclair High School Army JROTC Battalion

Diana Aguilar, Writer

Montclair High School Army JROTC Battalion has been around since 1996. The JROTC program is a fundamental part of the Montclair High School academic and social curriculums and is widely respected throughout the district. JROTC is a program designed to teach citizenship, leadership, teamwork, commitment to community, career objectives, and responsibility as young adults. The goal of the Army JROTC is to help cadets prepare for college and careers beyond high school.  

The Montclair High School Army JROTC Battalion uniform

Students in the JROTC  program are required to practice saying the Cadet Creed every day as a sign of respect. Students must also follow a uniform policy and grooming expectations. Student cadets must wear their JROTC uniform each and meet the grooming expectations every week on Wednesday unless there is no school in session. In order to receive credit for the week, students must correctly wear their uniform for periods one through seven.

The cadets in JROTC participate in Rotc which is marching, and every Saturday the cadets also do training. The training includes activities such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, and physics. Cadets could go against other cadets  JROTC from other schools like  Ontario, Upland, Gary, Clairmont Etc. JROTC cadets also can attend field trips such as the beach, the lake, or a military base like the Air force or the Navy. In the military base, they would go swimming camping, fletching (archery) or they would play sports.

Montclair High School’s Army JROTC Battalion is a great class to take if you wish to educate yourself and improve your military skills. It is not only for those who want to join the military but for all students who want to take the next step in their future careers beyond high school.